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How to install semi flexible solar panel




To make the installation in a easy way for flexible solar panels

As the developing of the society the solar power plays an important role in the daily life. For personal use the installation will become a problem due to they are not a Professional. Here check some ways for the flexible panels:


1) Use gluing to fixed. Usually use the silicone glue or  Eternabond tape  but don't use silicone on a rubber roof and will cause the rubber to delaminator.

2) Screw or rope Fixed. Both of these two ways are need to make holes on the panels, then screw/ tie on your car.  Also you need prepare the necessary tool such as the screws puncher, screw and so on.


3) Zipper fixed. This ways are most using on a tent or boat, because it need sewing on the the tent. Please see attached photo.



More accurate detail please kindly vist the video:



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