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Who we were?

SHENZHEN SHINE SOLAR CO., LTD is a modernized high-tech energy company established in 2009,

engages in exploiting, producing and selling the photovoltaic products series of solar energy. The main products of this company are 0.1Wp~300Wp mono/ poly-crystalline silicon solar modules , Semi Flexible solar panel ,Integrated solar street lights, solar application products etc.

SHINE SOLAR have a qualified team experienced at R&D, production, quality control and management with competitive prices for all its products and services. All its products have certificates of TUV, IEC, UL, CE, CEC and so on. All our solar PV modules

are of 25-year guarantee with perfect after-sales service. We adopt advanced production and testing equipment, with skilled workers and developed techniques. We strictly carry out ISO9001 quality management system, check points at every step of the production process to ensure conformance, use statistical methodology to continuously improve our manufacturing efficiency, eliminate waste, and constantly raise the bar to deliver highly qualified products.

For now, we are main export solar PV modules to USA, Canada, Australia, South American ect. Especially the semi flexible solar panel are popular in Europe market, widely used on Golf cart, Marine, Yacht, boat. Moreover, the integrated solar street light are introduced and applied to many government project, which won great honor and praise by local resident and visitors.We do hope could do more and more contribution to every customers and the world.

Please assured that together with us, we feel confident and have the ability to:
Bring you an energy-saving and comfortable life;
Creating you a clean and fresh city.
And back earth a green and harmonious future.

Export proportion

Our factory

  • Solar Cells Classifying And Testing

    Because the randomness of the cell manufacturing conditions, the production out of cell performance is different, we will be for the effective performance of identical or similar cell together, it should be classified according to their performance parameters; cell test that is by testing the cell output parameters (current and voltage)

  • Positive Welding

    It's convergence with soldered to the cell positive (negative) of the main gate line, convergence zone for the tinned copper strip, we use a welding machine can weld with a multi-point in the form of spot welding on the main gate Online. Welding heat source for an infrared lamp (using infrared thermal effect). Welding with the length of the side length of about 2 times the cell.

  • String Soldering

    back of the weld is 36 cells cascaded together to form a component of the string, different specifications of the components use a different template, the operator use electric soldering iron and solder wire will "in front of the cells," the positive electrode (cathode) Welding to the "behind the cell" on the back electrode (cathode), so that in turn will be 36 series with the component string together and welded out of positive and negative leads.

  • Lamination

    a complete cell will be laid into the laminating machine, through the vacuum component of the air out, and then heated to melt the EVA , cell , glass and back bonding together; the final cooling out components. Lamination process is a key step in component production, lamination temperature lamination time, according to the nature of EVA. We use the fast-curing EVA, the lamination cycle time is about 25 minutes. Curing temperature of 150 ℃.

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