Production Overview

  • Solar cells Screening

  • Solar cells welding

  • Solar panel Laminating

  • EL and Flashing Testing

Solar cells Screening

By simulating the solar spectral light source to measure the solar cells’ parameters, then classified according to the result. Effectively reducing the defects cells and guarantee performance of solar panels.

Solar cells welding

Using the automatic welding machines to connect solar cells in series. Increasing the production compared with hand soldering and Avoiding the poor welding and the cracks on solar cells.

Solar panel Laminating

Full automatic laminating machine, can realize the processing of incoming and outgoing at the same time. which improve the efficiency and production capacity a lot.

EL and Flashing Testing

Double tested by machine before and after laminating, to inspect the appearance, cracks, soldering, color differences and the power, voltage, current etc to guarantee the actual specification, ensuring the 0-+5W positive power tolerance.


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