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Solar Mobile Phone Charger

◆ An seamless & One-piece design with advanced lamination technology, and high-quality ETFE laminate material, protect the solar panel kit from harsh weather, including rain, wet fog, snow, intense cold and heat. ◆ The material & design is durable enough to extend the lifespan of the solar panel battery charger kit, and make it perfect for outdoor use.

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Product Description
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    ETFE Surface

    It could reduce light reflectivity, Increase solar panel light absorption rate, And could extend lifespan of the high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel kit

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    With advanced lamination technology, Protect the solar charger outdoor panels kit against unpredictable weather conditions

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    Fast Charging

    USB1 & USB2 can charge the two devices same time

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    Voltage: 6V, Current: 1.17A
    Expand Size: 393*290*1mm
    Folded Size: 195*290*2mm

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    Voltage: 6V, Current: 1.75A
    Expand Size: 590*290*1mm
    Folded Size: 195*290*2mm

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    Voltage: 6V, Current: 2.34A
    Expand Size: 787*290*1mm
    Folded Size: 195*290*2mm